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Web applications have become the Achilles heel of IT security. Web application vulnerabilities are now the most prevalent at more than 55 percent of all server vulnerability disclosures.

This figure does not include vulnerabilities in custom-developed web applications, so it may be just the "tip of the iceberg," according to IBM's analysis.

Legal Counsel Websites gives you comprehensive protection against the full scope of web threats with anti-malware, advanced threat protection, URL filtering, and real-time web reputation.

Web Server Security

Any system with multiple open ports, multiple services and multiple scripting languages is vulnerable simply because it has so many points of entry to watch.

We will correctly apply security patches and updates which mitigates risks on the web server. Then there is the matter of the applications on your website you will be running. These too require frequent updates. And last there is the web site code itself.

Web Site Code Security

We will use top-notch coding practices in order to make your site as secure as possible. We easily identify cross-site scripting and SQL injection vulnerabilities. We easily detect sensitive content in HTML based on user settings. These are some of the easiest things most web developers just leave out that makes their websites vulnerable. But not us.

Web Security Defense Strategy

There are two roads to accomplish excellent security. One is we will ensure that all patches and updates are done at once, have all of your existing applications reviewed for correct security.

The other is we will use a web scanning solution to test all existing applications and web site code to see if a known vulnerability actually exists. While firewalls, antivirus and IPS/IDS are all worthwhile, it is simple logic to also lock the front door. It is far more effective to repair a half dozen actual risks than it is to leave them in place and try to build higher and higher walls around them. Network and web site vulnerability scanning is the most efficient security investment of all.

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